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Destination Florence Booking guide



To book on Destination Florence you need only give the details of the credit card “as guarantee” and you will receive directly a voucher to be presented on your arrival at the hotel. Everything avoiding wasting unnecessary time and from the comfort of your own home.

Booking On-Line


The system allows direct on-line booking of your accommodation at one of the many accommodation facilities available through the site, 24 hours a day.

Each hotel, residence and flat is presented with an information sheet which gives a description of the hotel, the category, location, prices and services available.

The computer system automatically calculates the total price for the stay, bearing in mind the number of persons, the length of the stay, the board arrangements requested and any reductions and supplements. You need only choose the accommodation which most appeals to you and insert the data required.

At the time of the on-line booking the client must insert his credit card data as guarantee. The inserted personal details and credit card data are protected by the Digital Certificate SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The reservation is confirmed at the receiving of the voucher by e-mail from Destination Florence. The total amount of the accommodation must be paid in situ before departure. For “non-refundable” rooms the total price of the booking will be charged on the day of booking and will not be refunded. On the voucher, which must be presented on arrival at the hotel, are indicated the accommodation and board arrangements foreseen together with the relative prices, a plan of the location and the information necessary to contact the accommodation facility booked.

At the departure must be paid all extras, other services requested on the spot or anything not specifically indicated in the voucher. The total price does not include the city tax imposed by the city. Where it is requested, it must be paid from the client directly to the hotel.

Hotel Services


The official classification is assigned by the provincial Tourist Office. Hotels are awarded from 1 to 5S stars, while residences and apartments are assigned to categories from IV to II, on the basis of the general quality of the buildings, facilities and services provided.

Double rooms: these are normally with two separate twin beds or double bed
Three-bedded room: these are normally double rooms with an extra bed
Four-bedded rooms: these are normally double rooms with two extra beds and hence they may be less spacious
Single rooms: these are relatively rare and a price supplement is usually requested

In general the rooms are made available to guests after 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be left free by 10.30 a.m. on the day of departure.

Board: bed and breakfast accommodation includes only breakfast; half-board accommodation includes breakfast and one other meal (usually the evening meal); full-board accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are excluded in half and full-board accommodation. Some hotel facilities offer programs of entertainment and shows. The activities and the use of services such as beach services, swimming-pool, television, telephone, safe, mini-bar, air-conditioning etc. may be enjoyed according to the indications of the information sheet for the individual accommodation facilities.

All the services and extras, if requested, together with drinks consumed, must be paid for in situ. Payment may be made in cash or by credit card, where these are accepted.

City tax: The total price does not include the city tax imposed by the city. Where it is requested, it must be paid from the client directly to the hotel. The tax must be in proportion of the type of accommodation up to a maximum of 5 euros per person per night.

PLEASE NOTE: All the prices published in the site are in €.The description and the prices of hotel services have been supplied to us by the hotels themselves. Destination Florence shall not be held responsible by the client for any breach on the part of the hotel or residence which received the booking, in terms of the adequacy of the accommodation or the failure to supply the services agreed, in whole or in part.

Children and Reductions-Children under the age of 12 at the time of the stay are usually entitled to special reductions, calculated automatically by the computer system. Discounts for children, together with any discounts for the 3rd and 4th bed, are referred to accommodation in a room with 2 persons paying the full rate. Cots and meals for babies, if requested, must be paid for in situ.


Cancellations -The Cancellation policies of each hotel are shown on the “Insert data” screen at the “cancellation policy” link, and are also shown at the bottom of the booking voucher.

The cancellation policies are different for every hotel on the online portal. Destination Florence is not responsible for any cancellation policies selected by the hotels on the system. You can cancel or change your booking by sending an email giving the reason for cancellation to the hotel and in copy to